Fraud notice

Fraud notice
Understanding Advanced Fee Fraud
Advanced fee fraud is a deceptive practice wherein a victim is required to make a payment upfront before receiving the promised goods or services. Perpetrators execute this fraud through deceptive websites, bogus emails posing as official company communication, or fraudulent social media profiles. The scammers demand an upfront payment, often labeled as a "deposit," and subsequently, the victim is left without the expected product or service.

For individuals based in the Europe, you can enhance your protection by referring to the following link: EUROPOL. (Please note that the content of this site is not the responsibility of Container98). For those outside Europe, please consult your local authorities for reporting resources and additional safeguards.
We have been made aware of individuals falsely claiming association with Container98, offering our products at a substantial discount. These individuals are not employees or affiliated with Container98 in any capacity, nor are they authorized to engage in business on our behalf. To lend authenticity to their scheme, these impostors employ Container98’s logo, business address on fictitious contracts, create email accounts mimicking official Container98 communications, and may present counterfeit identification documents such as passports. Container98 assumes no responsibility for fraudulent contracts, agreements, or the reimbursement of lost funds.

Protecting Yourself from Advanced Fee Fraud
Exercise caution when encountering websites and social media platforms advertising discounted commodity products. Be wary of individuals requesting a pre-payment, typically through wire transfer, as these funds are often irrecoverable once transferred. Container98 exclusively employs its proprietary software, email addresses, and company phone numbers for conducting business, refraining from the use of tools such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Outlook or any other external websites for transactions.

If you come across Container98 products or services on a site other than, the site is likely illegitimate. If you suspect you have fallen victim to a fraudulent sales agreement, please promptly contact us. Thank you for your attention and vigilance in safeguarding against deceptive practices.